Old School OG



AAA / Indica dominant hybrid

Citrus/Lemon / 20-28% THC 0.1-0.2% CBD

A dynamic flower, Old School OG will help with mild issues of stress, depression, and easing body inflammation. Let it wash over you with a blanket of relaxation, users will instantly be ready for restful sleep. Additionally, any physical issues are simply dulled and removed to the point of barely being noticeable.



Consistency is important when it comes to marijuana, and Old School OG clocks in at 20% THC very regularly. Consumers that look for those typical kush flavors and aromas will find them here as skunk, earth, and citrus blend together for a complex experience. Nugs of this strain are contrasting purple undertone to fiery orange hairs. White trichomes and sticky resin frost these beautiful flower.

Feel amazing with Old School OG, as your high begins with a tingling in your head and spine that slowly radiates through the rest of your body. Everything will be buzzing and your mind will be lifted to a higher state of happiness. Those who are in a comfortable position might find themselves waking up there the next morning wondering what happened!

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