Hillbilly Strain Magic Mushrooms Review

Doctor M's "Through the Looking Glass"

Our good friend and colleague Doctor M (PhD in microbiology) recently took a sabbatical and sampled, reviewed, and enjoyed a variety of our magic mushroom strains. Today he reviews: Hillbilly Magic Mushrooms

Hillbilly Magic Mushroom Summary:

  • Both recreational and for teaching
  • Not for novices
  • Fun for experienced psychonaughts

Hillbilly Magic Mushroom Qualities:

  • Onset: Quick
  • Duration: Typical
  • Intensity: High

Hillbilly Magic Mushroom Review

Like the name implies, this is a wild ride.

Comes on fairly quick and strong. Continues with definite ebbing and flowing of the physical feelings, thoughts and visuals.

The body is energized for the entire duration making it a more physically tiring voyage but the end of the trip.

Mental experience can change quickly. With rapid swings, different aspects of the outside world and oneself can be suddenly revealed. Things are pulled into sharp focus.  A heightened connection to nature occurs, resulting in a  complete loss of ego. This makes for opportunities of deep enjoyment. It definitely reveals deep concepts and allow insight about oneself that may be repressed or hidden.

After Effects:

Includes guiltless revelation of one’s shortcomings and opportunities for improvement. Definitely a deeper residual connection to nature.

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