Cuban Strain Magic Mushrooms Review

Doctor M's "Through the Looking Glass"

Our good friend and colleague Doctor M (PhD in microbiology) recently took a sabbatical and sampled, reviewed, and enjoyed a variety of our magic mushroom strains. Today he reviews: Cuban Magic Mushrooms

Cuban Magic Mushroom Summary:

  • Very good for recreational use
  • Not recommended for spiritual teaching / experience

Cuban Magic Mushroom Qualities:

  • Onset: Typical
  • Duration: Typical
  • Intensity: Medium

Cuban Magic Mushroom Review

A classic psychedelic experience. A great way for novices to start they journey. Compared to other magic mushrooms, this strain does not provide the deep spiritual insights and journeys that others do.

Normal onset time with creeping mild geometric visual hallucinations. 

At height of the voyage hallucinations can become more geometric. Some sharp unexpected insights can occur.

A gentler mental experience as no real loss of ego occurs until heroic dose level (5+ grams) 

After Effects:

The user has some residual respect and understanding of existence. A non-anxious state for many days.

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